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Amsterdam. North Holland. Netherlands

Amsterdam hotels, what's the best place to stay in Amsterdam ?

My wife and I are planning to visit Amsterdam at the end of November, to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. We are mainly interested in museums ( Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House and Rembrandt House Museum ) and the channels.

We are not really sure about where to book the hotel, what is the best neighborhood to stay in Amsterdam ? Any recommendations for not overly expensive hotels in Amsterdam ?  We want to reach everything by foot, if possible.
Thanks for any suggestions!!

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Amsterdam. North Holland. Netherlands

Villages near Amsterdam Marken and Volendam

Taking advantage of the holidays we are going to make a five-day trip to Amsterdam and we are finishing planning what villages near Amsterdam we are going to visit: Marken, Volendam, ... Our idea is to go on our own without hiring excursions Can someone explain to me how to get from Amsterdam to Volendam by public transport?

If you have visited other villages near Amsterdam that are beautiful, we are open to suggestions 😜.

(*) This question has been automatically translated ( see the original text in spanish ).

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Amsterdam. North Holland. Netherlands

Bus Edam, Volendam y Marken

Hola, he visto un bus de línea regular q sale desde Ámsterdam para hacer esos pueblos, mi pregunta es si con ese bus puedes con 1 solo billete q vale para 1 día (10€) ir parando en cada pueblo visitarlo y coger bus siguiente para ir a otro pueblo diferente, o bien el bus solo permite ida y vuelta al mismo pueblo. Si paras en cada pueblo, luego puedes coger otro bus pero con diferente billete?? Quería hacer los tres pueblos en un mismo día y si un billete sirve para viajes ilimitados a puntos diferentes. Gracias

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Red Light District
Amsterdam. North Holland. Netherlands

Are there any services for recording an amateur porno movie in the red light district?

I know recording and photos is not allowed normally so I'm curious if there is some specific service where you pay extra to allow recording or something like that

Amsterdam. North Holland. Netherlands

Amsterdam con niños 12 años

Hola! Estoy buscando un hotel para 4 dias en mayo. Teneis alguna recomendación que no sea my caro... Gracias!

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Amsterdam. North Holland. Netherlands

Viaje a amsterdam solo 2022

Buenas, voy a estar viajando a amsterdam de el 12 de julio al 18 de julio de este año, me encantaría poder encontrarme con alguno por alla, asi que sientanse libres de comentar si van a estar por ahi en esas fechas, saludos.

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