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Vancouver. British Columbia. Canada

Vancouver weather. Best time to go on vacation to Vancouver

Have heard that it rains often in Vancouver. Which is the best time to go on vacation ?

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Amalfi Coast
Campania. Italy

Amalfi Coast Hotels. Where to stay on the Amalfi Coast ?

My wife and I are going to make a 12-days trip to Italy at the end of April. We will arrive at the airport in Rome and we will leave Italy from the Naples airport.

We are planning on staying in Rome ( 5-nights ), Naples ( 2-nights, to visit Pompeii and Ercolano ) and the Amalfi Coast ( 5-nights ).

We need help deciding where to stay on the Amalfi Coast. Thanks in advance, for any tip on places to stay or to visit on the Amalfi Coast.

Amsterdam. North Holland. Netherlands

Villages near Amsterdam Marken and Volendam

Taking advantage of the holidays we are going to make a five-day trip to Amsterdam and we are finishing planning what villages near Amsterdam we are going to visit: Marken, Volendam, ... Our idea is to go on our own without hiring excursions Can someone explain to me how to get from Amsterdam to Volendam by public transport?

If you have visited other villages near Amsterdam that are beautiful, we are open to suggestions 😜.

(*) This question has been automatically translated ( see the original text in spanish ).

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Best time to go to Maldives

Which dates are the best?

I've been looking on the internet and I think January is the best. But I would like to know other opinions.

(*) This question has been translated ( see the original text in spanish ).

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Lynn Canyon Suspension Bridge
Vancouver. British Columbia. Canada

How to get from Downtown Vancouver to Lynn Canyon Park by public transportation ?

Is it possible to get from Downtown Vancouver to Lynn Canyon Park, without hiring a tour or renting a car ?

Is one day enough to visit Lynn Canyon Park ?

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Barcelona. Catalonia. Spain

Christmas time visit to barcelona + suggestion to other nearby places

Saying hello from India. I am going to visit Barcelona (because of the warmer weather) during Christmas break for 11 days with two kids (aged 2 and 5). I have been told that 4-5 days would be a good time to look around the spots in Barcelona.

So I am looking for suggestions to travel around which have warmer climate like Barcelona. It seems Madrid would be much cooler so that might be a problem. I would prefer to travel around in Train to go to other town/cities if possible.

Also, what things should I keep in mind during the Christmas Eve/Day? I suppose most of the things would be closed.

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Amsterdam. North Holland. Netherlands

Amsterdam hotels, what's the best place to stay in Amsterdam ?

My wife and I are planning to visit Amsterdam at the end of November, to celebrate our 10th wedding anniversary. We are mainly interested in museums ( Rijksmuseum, Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House and Rembrandt House Museum ) and the channels.

We are not really sure about where to book the hotel, what is the best neighborhood to stay in Amsterdam ? Any recommendations for not overly expensive hotels in Amsterdam ?  We want to reach everything by foot, if possible.
Thanks for any suggestions!!

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Paris Pass
Paris. Île-de-France. France

Avoid ticket lines with the Paris Pass

It's true that with Paris Pass you can skip the ticket lines ? In some forums you can read many comments that Paris Pass is very good and you can skip the lines but in other comments you read that with Paris Pass you spend hours waiting in line.

If someone can clarify me please. Thanks.

(*) This question has been automatically translated ( see the original text in spanish ).

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